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Solicitors Nameplates

Abbey Nameplates produce high quality engraved nameplates for numerous lawyers in Hampshire and nationwide. Our company nameplates are produced in brass, bronze, aluminium, stainless-steel and plastic.

Metal nameplates produced by our craftsmen are perfect for displaying names of lawyers on the firm's office doors, desk name bars and in the waiting areas. Respected lawyers often prefer professional custom nameplates to reaffirm their professional position.

As well as solicitors nameplates, we provide custom nameplates to many other professions including accountants, hospitals, care homes, military associations, historical societies, sports associations, jewellers, architects and builders.


Hudson Law - Brass Solicitors Name Plate

This firm of solicitors in Kingston upon Hull changed its name to Hudson Law on 1 April 2012.
One of our most important external announcements as far as the city of Hull and our clients were concerned was the installing of new brass name plates on the pillars adjacent to our front doors. They had to be right!

We researched a number of metal nameplate making firms through the internet which is how we came across Abbey Craftsmen. Initially we were concerned because they are situated at the other end of the country to ourselves. However, Alan at Abbey Nameplates, assured us that all we needed to do was to send the original brass name plates to him so that he had the exact size and he would take it from there. And he did!

Several weeks later a stunning pair of brass name plates were delivered - first class quality - extremely reasonable - the pride and joy of the street but also, and far more important, our cleaner! And, what is more, as you can see from the same day attached photo, we certainly lost no time in putting them up!

We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Abbey Craftsmen no matter where you are in the country - just ring them for a quote on 0800 092 3317 or e.mail: info@abbeynameplates.co.uk

Judi Lurie
Practice Manager


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