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Telephone: 01428 727187 Email: info@abbeynameplates.co.uk

Special Offers

Commemorative cast bronze name plates
This month, we have a great selection of cast bronze name plates on offer. This special offer is running for the entire month across our high-quality range of commemorative cast bronze name plates. Our commemorative cast bronze name plates are easy to mount and are very low maintenance, making them the perfect choice for memory walls, donor walls, war memorials, buildings of interest and many other places.

If you are looking for a permanent memorial or commemorative name plate or sign get in touch with us today

"251" nameplate
Cast Bronze 6"x3" (150x75mm)
Raised Letters & Border
£98.00 inclusive

"NEWBURY" nameplate
Cast Bronze 9"3/4 x 3" (250x75mm)
Raised Letters & Border
£123.00 inclusive

"89 Willow Close" nameplate
Cast Bronze 8 x 3" (200x150mm)
Raised Letters & Border
£191.00 inclusive

"ROSE COTTAGE 137" nameplate
Cast Bronze 9"3/4 x 6" (250x150mm)
Raised Letters & Border
£240.00 inclusive

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